Pyranha SprayMaster Insecticide Spray Kit

Pyranha SprayMaster Insecticide Spray Kit

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Pyranha SprayMaster Kit is a complete system that includes everything you need for installation and operation in a four-stall barn. Follow the easy instructions to install this state-of-the-art spray system for season-long fly and insect control. The programmable timer releases a very fine mist of fly spray at specific intervals through special spray nozzles for effortless coverage, even when you're away. Each nozzle provides coverage for a 12' x 12' area. If following the recommended spray setting of 5 sprays per day lasting 45 seconds each, the kit will provide coverage for 5 months. Includes 2.5 gallons 1-10HP insecticide concentrate, heavy-duty 55 gallon drum, motor, timer, pump, 8 spray nozzles and 160' of tubing with installation fasteners.

The SprayMaster Kit is easily expanded with purchase of additional nozzle kits (5 nozzles and 100' of tubing with installation fasteners).

Recommended nozzle placement:
1 nozzle per 12' x 12' stall, placed at the center of stall
1 nozzle 6' from each exterior door
1 nozzle at wash rack
1 nozzle every 15' down the aisle, beginning at the nozzle placed 6' from exterior door.

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This fly spray system will be shipped directly to you for FREE!!! Please allow a few days for delivery due to the size. 

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