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Tender Cushion 5" Wide 3/8" Thick Boot Insert

Tender Cushion 5" Wide 3/8" Thick Boot Insert

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5" wide x 3/8" thick boot insert 

Fits 85% of horses as a boot insert and can be easily cut to fit into all equine boot products

This thinner pad adds the support of Tender Cushion to easy-to-attach hoof boot products which many horse owners are familiar with.  The easiest method to attach a Tender Cushion, and a great option for long term use as it makes attaching and changing the pad much faster.    Save money by not using tape.

Tender Cushion Open Cell Equine Hoof Pads and Boot Inserts bounce with each step and return to the original thickness.

The pad acts as a shock absorber for the hoof, joints, and leg; making your horse comfortable and able to heal.

 Veterinarian created and used daily.

  • The unique Tender Cushion shape is designed to fit the front and rear hooves of most horses without cutting. A SIZE GUIDE is available here if needed.
  • 3/8" thick pad is designed to fit easily inside of all available hoof boot type products
  • Easily fits inside as additional padding for all equine hoof boots. 
  • Visit How to Attach for detailed information.
  • Open cell rubber allows the pad to return to its original shape indefinitely. No other product compares.
  • Pads can be washed and reused.  Buy multiple pads per foot to swap out.
  • We love helping horses and understand the urgency for relief. We ship all orders as soon as they are received.
  • Proudly made in the USA


Your Horse Deserves Comfort!

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