Collection: Breyer Traditional 1:9 Scale

There are toy horses, and then there are Breyer Model Horses. Traditional Series models are the largest and most popular Breyer model size available, and are perfect for play, collecting, showing, and more! They are packaged in colorful window boxes with silver foil accents. These models are an evergreen favorite with both children desiring a realistic horse play experience, and discriminating adult collectors seeking accurate sculptures and heirloom quality. Sculpted in every color and breed imaginable, the Traditional series offers unmatched realism and breathtaking hand-painted detail. Fans who play with these beloved models can build entire worlds around them with true-to-life accessories like barns, fencing, tack, trailers and even riders! Collectors of Breyer Traditionals can also customize and “show” their models to win prizes. Of special interest are Breyer’s “portrait” models, which are lifelike versions of famous horses from film, literature, the racetrack, and the show ring. Traditional models are a 1:9 scale and measure approximately 12"L x 9"H, and are designed for ages 8+.