Collection: Lazy One

Founded in the Rocky Mountains of Utah, our company wanted to make sleep time fun again while upping the cozy factor. We achieved this lofty goal by way of playful characters everyone loves coupled with the best puns in town! Offering a bright, stylish appearance sure to please, our jammies and more are a great way to show some personality and humor while you snooze in ultimate style.

Our products speak for themselves, but there are a still a few things we want our customers to know about our operation. For starters, we know how important quality and comfort are when choosing something like sleepwear. We use only the best materials, such as 100% combed cotton and polyester fleece lining, to give you the best in cozy comfort. Our items are also made with permanent fade proof prints to give you that new look no matter how much time you spend chilling in your favorite jammies. From the quality of the stitching to the smaller details, we focus on quality and it shows in every item.