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Breyer HD Harkness 711623

Breyer HD Harkness 711623

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Hark embodies all the fabulous qualities of the Morgan breed that make them so popular for driving - loyal, athletic, easy to train, and trustworthy all are apparent traits in Hark, even from a young age. Purchased as a two-year-old by Mary Chris Foxworthy, with a unanimous vote from friends and family, Hark started his driving journey.

With his famous “look at me” attitude, HD Harkness has picked up multiple wins from countless shows in Michigan, New York, Wisconsin, and Kentucky, and has won the attention and admiration of spectators! To honor these achievements, we’ve immortalized HD Harkness for this summer’s BreyerFest on Kylee Parks’ Troubadour, mold # 807, in an absolutely stunning bay.

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