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Healthy Coat Horse 32 oz feed additive

Healthy Coat Horse 32 oz feed additive

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They may not have as much hair as cats and dogs, but it is important for horses to have the condition of their skin and hair maintained. To assist with this, there is Healthy Coat for Horses. Apply the appropriate dose of this product to your horse’s feed each day. Once ingested, the product’s collection of fatty acids and vitamins go to the work and begin helping improve your horses’ skin and coat health. After ten days, you should start seeing results. Your horse’s coat should become glossier after taking Healthy Coat.

But this product does more than improve skin and coat condition. The vitamins and fatty acids also improve joint health, permitting greater flexibility. Healthy Coat also promotes stronger muscles and a boost in energy, which horses need to remain active and happy. It is also a useful product to have for horses who are breeding.


  • Food supplement for horses
  • Promotes healthy skin and glossy coats in horses
  • Improves flexibility in joints in horses
  • Promotes good health in horses’ digestive tracts and muscles
  • Improves stamina and immune system in horses
  • Highly digestible
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