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Marguerite, Misty and Me Book

Marguerite, Misty and Me Book

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Why was Misty (the book and the real-life pony) so special?

Uncover the captivating backstory of Marguerite Henry, author of Misty of Chincoteague and dozens of beloved books about animals in this heartfelt memoir, Marguerite, Misty and Me. Join passionate horse lover Susan Friedland on a cross-country adventure as she delves into the hidden history of Marguerite, the Newbery Medal-winning author and literary legend. From a kayak in the waves off Chincoteague Island and an underground archive in Minnesota, to a dreamlike ride aboard a Chincoteague Pony, Friedland unearths clues while forging deep connections with fellow Misty fans. She even meets some of Marguerite’s friends (and one of her illustrators). Saddle up for an enchanting ride that explores the legacy of Marguerite Henry and celebrates not just Chincoteague Ponies, but horses everywhere, as well as the people who love them.

Susan Friedland is just as crazy about horses today as she was loping around her yard on a hobby horse as a child. Susan has been actively blogging on her award-winning blog,, since 2013, and she co-hosts the Horse Illustrated Barn Banter Podcast. Her writing has been featured in many magazines, including 
Horse IllustratedYoung Rider, and Sidelines. When she's not writing or traveling on equestrian adventures, she's trotting around on her off-track Thoroughbred Tiz A Knight in her home state of Illinois, or wintering in Ocala, Florida.
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