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Perfect Prep EQ™ Sane & Sound MAX Calming Paste

Perfect Prep EQ™ Sane & Sound MAX Calming Paste

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works within 2-4 hours

First dose takes effect at 4 hours, with repeated dose after 2 hours.


Lasts up to 18 hours

Give 1 tube every 8-12 hours as needed. Lasts up to 18 hours.


60cc syringe

Industry-leading 60cc of targeted active ingredients.


Perfect Prep EQ™ Sane & Sound MAX is the most complete solution for pre-event anxiety because it addresses the three causes of equine anxiety: gastric distress, pain and overstimulation.

  • Long lasting calming support in an easy-to-administer paste.
  • Generous 60cc of targeted active ingredients in an easy-to-feed, palatable paste.
  • Give 1 tube every 8 to 12 hours as needed, with last dose 3-4 hours prior to performance. Effects last up to 18 hours and are cumulative with daily use.
  • Works well alone or as part of the Perfect Prep EQ™ Calming System
  • Contains no prohibited substances.
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